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Secured MasterCard – The Pepsi Of Secured Credit Cards

Pepsi and Coke. Visa and MasterCard. Both are awesome, both are everywhere. But the major difference of course is that Pepsi and Coke never merged, while Visa and MasterCard have, kind of. Sometimes it’s called Visa/MasterCard or something. No one’s sure why. Shady business–almost monopolistic. They can do whatever they want, like charge 47.89% APR on a secured MasterCard, or suddenly boost the interest on a secured card to 67% whenever they feel like it. They’ll bury that in the tiny print of your agreement. Who knows what those things say? I agree to pay my bills on time and to eat tuna fish with chopsticks. They could say that. I’m just saying. The point is, you never know when it comes to a secured MasterCard. Always read the fine print because a secured Master Card could sneak up and bite you on the posterior.

More Information on Secured MasterCard

Some people prefer Pepsi to Coke, and vice versa, while other people don’t really care or notice any difference. If you are one of those people, maybe a secured MasterCard is the better choice for you than a secured Visa card. The interest rates are lower, maybe, and the logo is different–you get two shades of orange. Much simpler compared to the complicated and confusing Visa logo–who wants to be bombarded by dark yellow and white and blue every time they buy a fanny pack? Not me. Consider this when in the market for a secured MasterCard. There are a number of things to consider when applying for a secured credit card. We make it sound funny just to keep you entertained and alive but there really is much more to it than just colors and logos.

Also, a secured MasterCard is scientifically more advanced than Visa. The plastic is sturdier and more reliable and doesn’t break. Not to mention the patented Shine-All formula used to coat the secured MasterCard in an exotic and patented gloss for maximum shine. Beautiful cards, which is what we expect from a company with such a long and storied past dating all the way back to like 1960. That’s almost 45 years of credit. Isn’t it time you put your trust in someone not afraid of commitment? Isn’t time you chose a secured MasterCard?

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