Secured Master Card Secured Master Card can change your life. With a secured Master Card, a financial future is no longer bleak. en-us Sat, 26 Jul 2008 15:00:00 EDT Sat, 26 Jul 2008 15:00:00 EDT Weblog Editor 2.0 Secured Master Card Secured Master Card Okay, so we explained to you what a secured Visa credit card is, right? Yup! Now, we are going to go through the whole thing again with a different name. Why on Earth would we that? We do things like this to beat the information into you. We understand a lot of people do NOT listen. For that reason, we try to emphasize certain things we feel are more important. So allow us to hit you over the collective head with yet another dosage of information on the secured Master Card. If you are brilliant and you were paying attention to the previous page on secured Visa’s, feel free to pat yourself on the shoulder and proceed to the next page. Otherwise, strap on your thinking cap and glue your behind to the chair because we are going to take a deep breath and go through it all one more time. The secured Master Card is a credit card that helps establish credit for those with no or poor credit history. This applies to people that are just recovering from things like bankruptcy. Also, this applies to college students leaving the house for the first time, or teens looking to lay the foundation for a brighter future. It works similar to a regular credit card in that you purchase things with plastic. Sound simple enough? Okay, here’s the curve ball. A secured Master Card essentially uses your money. That’s right! You enter a specified number into a secured account of your choosing, like a secured MasterCard, and you simply withdraw money. The beauty is that you can’t spend money you don’t have. “You mean, you can never really go over your credit limit?” That’s right! Tell them what they’ve won. You have just won access to a healthy credit future. The forecast looks good. Plenty of sunshine with a possibility of home owning. You see, with things like debit cards and such, you don’t establish any kind of credit repertoire. With a secured card like the secured Master Card, you are looking at digging yourself out of the financial hole in the ground. Is this card good for kids? Are you kidding? This is the best idea a parent could ever have. With a debit card, these kids of ours never develop their own credit. Then they end up living at home till they are 40. By supplying your children with a secured Master Card, you have supplied them with the key to their financial future. And these wily kids of ours can never swindle us and spend more than their means because that just doesn’t happen with a secured Master Card. So what are you waiting for? The secured Master Card sounds right for you. Sat, 26 Jul 2008 15:00:00 EDT