Credit Card Offers

Credit card offers to sink your teeth into. Which credit card offers are genuine and which are bogus? Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but there are signs you can spot.

Credit Card Offers

So Many Credit Card Offers to Choose From

Dear Detest Credit,

I just wanted you to know that your card SUCKS! I’ve never heard of a credit card that charged you just to activate it. Who came up with that idea? I should have done research on your card before I accepted your credit card offer in the mail. This is one of the worst credit card offers I’ve come across in the history of credit card offers. I’m guessing no thought went into this sucky credit card offer. Who’s ever heard of 100% interest? That’s absurd! I spent $30 on my card and ended up paying a bill of almost twice that. You seriously need help designing your credit card.

You see, credit card offers need to be enticing, but true. You want to lure people in, sure…with the truth, however. You don’t want to lie because…well, it’s illegal. You want your credit card offers to state that you are competitive and you give better deals than your competition. Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. You want people to accept your credit card offers because they want to and not “trick” them into doing so. Think of it this way: would you rather a girl date you because she wanted to or because she has been tricked into it? If you chose the former, good for you. If you chose the latter, you’re sick!

In any case, your credit card needs to get better. I am not at all happy or satisfied. You need to revamp everything and start fresh. Research other credit card offers and take from them. Do not steal, but learn from their ideas, and hopefully your credit card will stop sucking as much as it does right now. Right now I’m in credit card debt because of you, and that’s not good. Learn from your customers. This was far from one of the best credit card offers. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from one of the Visa credit card offers that’s out there.


John Doe

Unsatisfied Customer

Have you done the research necessary in order to determine which is the best and most appropriate Visa credit card for you? One of the most important factors for finding the card that will best suit you is to take your time and really do the right research. If you are interested in one of the secured credit card offers then at least read all of the terms and conditions that go along with that card so you know what the APR will be as well as any fees.

Keeping on a good financial track early on will ensure that you are eligible for all of the cards and financial opportunities later on down the line. With diligence and a little responsibility, you can apply for all of the unsecured credit card offers that have lower interest rates and larger lines of credit.

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