Credit Card Offer

Credit card offer for you to take. Go online and find a great credit card offer that suits your needs. There are plenty out there. Choose which one is right for you.

Credit Card Offer

What’s a Great Credit Card Offer?

There once was this little store in the middle of this little neighborhood where some big land developers were…well, developing. All that was stopping these land developers from carrying out their plans was this little store that the owners refused to sell. The developers tried begging and pleading, threatening and coercing. But nothing seemed to work. So one day, one of the developers decided to offer the owners one of the best deals he could think of…take them out of credit card debt. It seemed like a brilliant idea, so he ran it past his boss and set the plan in motion. All he had to do was pay off what they owed, and in return they would have their land. Perfect!

The developer approached the mom-and-pop duo and laid his credit card offer on the table. At first, they didn’t trust the beady-eyed gentleman. They refused. The next day, he went back again with an even better credit card offer (this time he promised to pay off their credit card, but also give them one without a credit limit). Again, they refused. So he went back one final time and gave them the best credit card offer anyone has ever heard of. His credit card offer included paying off their card, giving them a limitless credit card, and paying for the limitless credit card and he’d pay the bill for a year. That means they could afford to sell the store, move elsewhere and live happily ever after with just their limitless credit card. The owners took the credit card offer. It was the credit card offer to beat all credit card offers.

A week later, the developers decided to start construction, but before they could another land developer approached them about buying the land. At first they refused, saying that the land was too valuable. So the developer came back the next day and told them that if they sold, he had the offer of all offers. An offer they couldn’t afford to refuse. He then pulled out a credit card. The other developer, seeing what a great deal the former owners got, halted construction and told the inquiring developer that if he could beat his offer to the owners, he had a deal. But it was going to really take the best credit card offer ever to beat that! The second developer topped the first developer’s offer by adding one caveat. In addition to providing a limitless credit card, he’d pay it off forever, not just for a year. Now that was an unsecured credit card offer nobody could refuse. And certainly the best Visa credit card offer ever. And that’s the offer that won.

On a totally different tangent, we would like to bring student credit card offers into this mix as well. Most of us will have or already do have children in college and we all know just how much that can cost us, especially if the student in question is a spender. They can end up with a lot of debt that you may end up having to pay for the ungrateful little twit. Don’t let that happen and make sure that the card that you do secure for them has a strict spending limit that can only amount to what you can afford to pay back in a timely fashion.

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