Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt doesn’t have to ruin your life. Find out how to get out of credit card debt and stay out of debt today.

Credit Card Debt

Here’s some card info – Chase credit card and otherwise. Listen and learn.

You don’t have to wallow in credit card debt anymore if you don’t want to. Why worry about the consequences? We offer a myriad of tips on how to eliminate credit card debt. These are all exclusive, meaning no one has ever thought of these before. These tips are brilliant. Freaking brilliant. And when dealing with unsecured credit card debt, brilliant may be exactly the thing that’s necessary.

Be Aware of Credit Card Debt

It pays to be aware. Get it? A little credit card joke. It’s good to lighten the mood sometimes. Always be aware of the fees your credit card comes with. That means no tossing out the little pamphlet that comes with your card and is full of all sorts of boring maddeningly small print. Too bad they don’t have a DVD with all your fee information on it then you would get it through your skull. Until they do, it looks like it’s credit card debt for you. Know the annual fees, current interest rates, finance charges, cash-advance fees and any other fees. This knowledge will help you next time you want to buy an awesome fanny pack. And if you spend too much, you can always consolidate credit card debt. Is that the ideal state to be in? No, but it will help get you out of the credit card debt fix you’re in.

Credit Card Debt and You

The purpose of the credit card is to not have to worry about cash, so what the hell? When you withdraw cash on your credit card, you get charged higher interest rates, fees, and all that, and it will put you into credit card debt faster than you can say, “I’m a moron.” Indeed P.T. Barnum was correct when he said a sucker’s born every minute and that no one went broke underestimating the intellect of the American people. Think Barnum ever found himself in credit card debt? Nope, he left that kind of stuff to the people who went to his sideshows and paid all sorts of money to see dumb stuff like a woman with lots of facial hair. Plus they didn’t have any credit cards back then. Good thing.

Look for Credit Card Debt

What? Whuh? Huh? What the–? No but it’s true. Check it out. Transferring balances from one card to another to take advantage of low introductory rates is a common practice among U.S. cardholders. Low introductory rates can be very helpful in your quest to become free of credit card debt. You should look for credit cards that offer a low intro rate (usually for six months), and transfer the balance from your previous credit card to that credit card. Before you take this step, however, make sure that, after the introductory rate has expired, the new card offers the same (or lower) interest rate as your current card. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you’re navel-deep in credit card debt.

There are many credit card offers out there. Look online and see which credit card offer is best for you. Do your absolute best, however, to avoid secured credit card debt. It is a good idea.

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