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Credit Card is here to save you from the exhausting torment of not knowing what a credit card is. If you don’t know what a credit card is, look no further because we have all the answers.

Credit Card And You

The Visa credit card and Chase credit card are interesting.

Ever stood behind someone at the checkout line at the Dollar Store and watched as they shuffled through a stack of one credit card after another? Did this irritate you? Make your eyes hurt? Cause blood to rush into your head and make sounds like hate in your ears? Well, relax, because people with this many cards are still the minority, like people who still think Paris Hilton is hot. But experts, mostly unemployed men, say most Americans have at least one credit card–usually more like two or three. But not ten. Ten is excessive and Americans don’t believe in excess. They take what they need and need what they take. They eat only when they’re hungry and stop when they’re not hungry anymore. God bless America. The credit card has become an important source of identification and personal worth. If you want to rent a car you need a credit card. And unless you’re a moron, using a credit card can let you buy things conveniently and give you about a month before you have to pay for it. Yes sir, if there is anything worth a darn in this cold world, it’s the good old fashioned credit card.

Credit card information

Credit cards can be your downfall. You won’t be able to take advantage of the benefits of a credit card because you’ll be to busy trying ti pay off the balance you carry on your card from month-to-month. You’ll pay interest and finance charges that can be as much as, get this, 23% a month. Yowzer! Many people find it impossible to resist buying things they don’t have money for and won’t have in a month, and so they go into credit card debt. They deserve this. If they don’t have any self-control they are children and should be punished like children. Let them wallow in debt. Chew on this stat: in 1999, Americans put $1.2 trillion on their credit cards. Think Americans have $1.2 trillion? Yeah right. And they also ate 1.2 trillion pounds of food. Each. And now they weigh 1.2 trillion pounds. Each. Should have gotten a secured credit card, huh?

More about the credit card

The credit card, first originated during the 1920s when business would give their customers cards to use at these locations. The Diners Club Card was the first universal card, which came out in 1950. This let consumers eat all they wanted without paying for it, which equaled heaven for everyone. The company could charge clients interest and charge them by the month or year, because everyone has to eat. American Express came onto the scene in 1958 with their credit card which was green, like money. The first national bank plan was the Bank of America with the BankAmericard. This fancy little devil was renamed Visa in 1976, the year of the bicentennial, and quickly became the credit card choice everywhere.

There are many credit card offers out there. Do your research and see which credit card offer is best for you.

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