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About Secured Cards is dedicated to maintaining integrity in the sometimes morally dubious world of finance and credit. Telling you about credit cards is our sole business, as ordered by God that stormy day in Provincetown. We won’t go much into it except to say that after we cleaned up all the broken glass and patched up the windows of our little shack, it was clear as the sun broke through the clouds that we had to spread the word of secured credit cards to anyone who would listen. One problem however: we were, all of us, agoraphobic and with a rare spinal disease that made our legs useless. Seriously, they were like jelly. So how could we fulfill God’s mission? Would we turn our back on him, say, “It’s too hard, find someone else?” No. We turned to the internet. God gave us the internet to spread the holy word of secured credit. We thank Him for it. And now here we are in compressed text form to share with you what we decided you have to know in order to keep living. Swallow your pride and warm up your mouse–it’s go time.

There are several ways to get approved for a instant cash advance in Iowa city. You could go through a bank or credit union, or work directly with a lender. In addition to using your local lender, you could also consider working with a company that specializes in online applications. The Better Business Bureau has information on any complaints that have been filed against any of these companies, as well as how long the company has been in business. Although it can take a little time to find an organization that will give you the type of loan you need, it will be worth the effort to use one of these organizations in order to get the money you need quickly and easily.

Here at About Secured Cards we dream about secured cards every night, sometimes three dreams a night. In these dreams, which are beatific visions, we see people with no credit trying to get unsecured cards. They struggle, toil, gnash their teeth and wail. Terrible stuff, this. A secured card offers the same benefits of an unsecured card, also know as a big-boy credit card, including plastic substance, shiny exterior, and raised metallic-looking lettering, and, optional, a fancy piece of art in the background. And they offer the same convenience and service benefits of regular Visa cards, or MasterCards, or whatever your company is. MasterCard’s logo is a bit more desirable, what with the circles and all. Looks kind of like a sun and a moon or something. Pretty darn cool. And why they are called secured cards, we will tell you now, is that you have to make a deposit into a checking count as…wait for it…security. The average minimum can be, oh, $300, depending really on how much they like you and your appearance. Hence, you only are allowed to spend, on your secured credit card, however much you put into that said checking account. Tricky business we know. Plus it can demand a trip or two to a bank, which can cause panic attacks and summon phobias you never knew you had. Best stay inside and play on the internet. Let your immune system die off from being in a controlled environment all day. Like a bio-dome. That way when you do go outside you’ll be allergic to everything.

At About Secured Cards we will tell you this one thing, but bury under a lot of text. When you think of Discover, you think of the Nike of credit cards. It is better by far than the secured Visa card, which is the Pepsi of credit cards. Actually, maybe the Pepsi would be the secured MasterCard, and Visa would the Coke. Tough call. That’s why we’re here–to get these types of problems about secured Visa cards solved.

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